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Ultimately, success isn’t measured by the number of kilograms you lose. Success is really about what you gain: the ability to participate in activities, enjoy family and friends, and enhanced health and confidence.

Kimberly - lost 22kg*

“I’d always had a very happy life, but always struggled with my weight. I’d tried every weight loss solution, and it got to the point where I need to make a change and set a good example for my daughter; I wanted to show her how much fun life can be! The LAP-BAND® System was simple and effective, but I knew that would last me long-term; I now have so much more energy. I knew the results at the end would be worth it. it’s an investment in your future and your life”

Weight lost:


* Weight loss varies from person to person
Kimberly - lost 22kg*
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Melinda - lost 133kg*
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Stephen - lost 46kg*
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Mary-Anne – lost 31kg*
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Jason – lost 31kg*
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