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Setting Attainable New Year’s Resolutions

Setting Attainable New Year’s Resolutions

Be honest: how many times have you actually made a resolution and followed through on it? If your answer was low, you are not alone. It’s predicted that only an estimated 8% of individuals accomplish their resolutions that they set at the start of each year. If you want to keep your resolution this year, the key is to make it attainable. Say goodbye to unrealistic weight-loss expectations and make resolutions for 2021 that you can actually keep. 

Target Your Behaviours

Before you make your resolutions, think about what triggers you to overeat or skip workouts. Target those weaknesses and make a concrete plan to make improvements. If you want to make weight-loss a priority in 2021, you must get rid of unhealthy behaviours, and this is one way to do it. Get out of your own way. 

Find Your Why

When you’re thinking about a resolution, really think about your why. Why are you choosing a particular resolution? Why will it make you happy? Why is it meaningful to you and your life? Your resolutions should align with your values. For instance, if you value enjoying the time you spend exercising, don’t make it a resolution to pick up a hobby you hate, even if it will make you lose weight. You won’t keep up with it. 

Try Goals, Not Resolutions

Resolutions tend to be vague and broad. Try setting goals instead, which are typically much more specific and therefore more effective. 

Do Regular Check-Ins

Instead of making your goals and resolutions at the start of the year and then forgetting about them, check in on them regularly throughout the year. Maybe that means you spend some time each week working on your resolutions, or maybe you will check in on your progress monthly. Be consistent! Give yourself the time to work on these resolutions.

Think Small

Far too often, people set lofty resolutions. Big goals can be overwhelming to the point where you may be so intimidated that you don’t even start on them. Think about small steps instead, which will help you make big strides on your weight-loss journey. In a similar fashion, aiming too high can cause you to feel like you failed, even if you did make progress on your goal. So, don’t make that resolution to lose 25 kilograms in two months. It is not realistic—and is in fact dangerous—and when you inevitably fail to reach that weight-loss goal, you won’t appreciate the weight you did lose. 

Make Goals Measurable 

Instead of saying, “I will exercise more in 2021,” choose a measurable goal. Being vague with goals gives you too much space to fail or fall short of your ultimate goal. Instead, make concrete resolutions that you can measure, such as aiming to exercise three times per week. 

If you are hoping to make weight-loss a goal for 2021 and it’s time to pursue weight-loss surgery, visit us for more information.