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Pregnancy and the Lap-Band®

Pregnancy and the Lap-Band®

If you have had the Lap-Band® Procedure or you are hoping to have it done, you may be wondering if you can become pregnant with the gastric band, or if it will need to be removed during pregnancy. The good news is that having the Lap-Band during pregnancy is safe. Let’s learn a little more about pregnancy and the Lap-Band. 

Non-Anatomy Altering

One of the main benefits of the Lap-Band is that it is a non-anatomy altering procedure. That means that there is no rerouting of the stomach or intestines. The procedure is performed laparoscopically and the band can be removed. It can also be easily adjusted. Some women choose to have their bands adjusted when they become pregnant, rather than removing the Lap-Band altogether. It is not recommended to have the band removed, as that can cause individuals to gain back the weight they lost.

Pregnancy and the Lap-Band

Studies show that losing weight can help people with their fertility. Pregnant women do not need to have their bands removed. However, because individuals typically lose most of their weight within the first year of having the procedure, experts do not recommend becoming pregnant immediately following the procedure. Lap-Band Patients should instead wait approximately one or two years following the procedure, when their weight is more stable. 

Portion Control 

During pregnancy, there is a misconception that women should “eat for two” and double their food intake. During the first trimester, women do not need to eat more. During the second trimester, they should consume about 1,400 kilojoules extra and in the third trimester, about 1,900 kilojoules extra. This equates to approximately one small-sized meal per day. Some women may choose to loosen their bands during pregnancy to allow for the extra kilojoules. The Lap-Band can help with portion control during pregnancy. Pregnant women should speak with their doctors about the best option for their pregnancy and their Lap-Band. 

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